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Me and My House Purple Floral Glass Gratitude Jar with Cards - Joshua 24:5

In the age of pandemics and lock-downs, teach your family how to practice self-care through gratitude when you record your blessings and store them in the Me and My House Purple Floral Glass Gratitude Jar—the perfect way to create a happier, healthier way of looking at life.


A simple floral swag that cups the sentiment adorns the front of this glass gratitude jar. The sentiment is displayed in a multi-font design in pink and blue lettering.


As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.
Joshua 24:15


A card pack with 365 cards is included to use to record your notes on gratitude. The cards are decorated with vibrant watercolor floral borders set against pink, peach, green, and lilac purple backgrounds. The front of each card features one of 12 verses that touch on gratitude, while the backs feature several lines superimposed on a watermarked floral design. Use the lined backs of each card to record your thank-you's, prayers, wishes, and hopes, and then store them in the glass jar with its tightfitting silicone rimmed natural wood lid until you are ready to revisit your notes.


Refill card packs are available if you want to give each family member a pack of cards, if you need more than 365 cards or if you wish to start afresh. To keep the jar in tip-top shape, we recommend wiping it with a damp cloth when needed.


Create a growth mindset in your family by teaching them to record blessings and then revisit the good in your life on a special occasion like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter. Use the Me and My House Purple Floral Glass Gratitude Jar with its beautifully decorated cards to securely hold your blessings.






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