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Glitter Silver Heat Transfer Vinyl

BF SANDY GLITTER SERIES is composed by 24 films in opaque polyurethane with fine glitter applied to the film surface. The glitter keep on the surface even after countless washes thanks to product quality. The semi-gloss thermo-adhesive makes the cutting line highly visible and its adhesive polyester backing provides a fast and precise weeding.

BF SANDY GLITTER is a very thin glitter and exceptional resistance to washing, so it’s ideal for creating unique and luminous fashion garments.


▪ Mirror cut BF SANDY GLITTER, with a 60° blade.

▪ Weed the BF SANDY GLITTER and remove the excess materials.

▪ Pre-heat your press to 350°F.

▪ Place the garment on the lower platen of your heat press.

▪ Place BF SANDY GLITTER design on the garment.

▪ Press at 350°F for 10 seconds.

▪ Peel the carrier.

First wash:

wait 12 hours after application Max wash Temp.: 60°C

Dry clean: NO

Softener: YES

Bleach: NO

Dryer: YES


Roll 19.5" w X 36" l






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